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Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, Book 2: The Return of Meteor Boy?

oleh William Boniface

Penerbit - HarperCollins

Kategori - Novel Remaja

Uh-Oh!The super town of Superopolis is hiding a gigantic secret! Years ago, a young superhero named Meteor Boy mysteriously vanished during a dangerous mission. But what really happened to him?Not only that!There may be more to the Meteor Boy secret than anybody suspected! As Ordinary Boy begins to investigate, he discovers that nobody knows where Meteor Boy came from in the first place . . . and clues start to indicate that he may in fact still be alive.Who is Meteor Boy?As the Amazing Indestructo plots to exploit the memory of Meteor Boy for profit, Ordinary Boy knows that the time has come to solve the mystery once and for all. And then Superopolis will finally know the real truth about Meteor Boy. . . .In a town where everyone is extraordinary, this might just be a job for . . . Ordinary Boy.

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