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Circle the Soul Softly

by Davida Wills Hurwin

Publisher - HarperCollins

Category - General Novel

An elite school. Glamorous students who have fancy cars and mansions for homes (and all the haughty attitude to go with it). This is Katie OConnors fabulous new life since her familys recent move to Brentwood –– a perfect opportunity for a fresh start, at least in theory. The only time she can overlook the hostility of her classmates is when they share the stage for plays. Onstage, directed by her awesome drama teacher, Tess, she has the confidence and talent that she cannot seem to muster in her everyday life. And it doesnt hurt that one of Katies fellow actors is smart and cute and interested in her. But beneath the glossy surface, there are secrets buried deep, even in Katies own past. Nightmares and dark memories continue to plague Katies consciousness, and in order to deal with the present, she needs to come to terms with the past. If only she could remember it.

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