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by Gloria Whelan

Publisher - HarperCollins

Category - Teen Novel

We are all going to be made perfect . . .In 1843, with all their possessions loaded onto a single wagon, ten-year-old Louisa May Alcott and her family bravely set out into the wilderness to make a new home for themselves on a farm called Fruitlands. Louisas father has a dream of living a perfect, simple life. It wont be easy, but the family has vowed to uphold his high ideals.In her diary -- one she shares with her parents -- Louisa records her efforts to become the girl her parents would like her to be. But in another, secret diary, she reveals the hardships of this new life, and pours out her real hopes and worries. Can Louisa live up to her fathers expectations? Or will trying to be perfect tear the family apart?

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