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How To Make Slime The Fun Way

by Natalie Fleming

Publisher - Stephen Fleming

Category - Teen Novel

“Do you want to spend fun time with your kid full of creativity and imagination?”You are at the right place then!

I am also a mother and realized that if activity is combined with colorful characters and story telling, then the time flies with the kid.

Slime making is the hot activity right now, but more importantly different types of slimes exposes your child with color combination, creativity, freedom of selection, possibility and much more.

All these activities whether with slime making or any other, when done along with parents or siblings also instills team spirit and navigation skills in your kid.

This book presents 25 Do It Yourself (DIY) slime making recipes drawn by me which will make the process enjoyable and relatable for you. All the slimes are represented as colorful characters which will make an impression on the kids mind and he/she could relate it with things of similar shapes and colors.

Inside you would find:

Basic SlimeLevel 1 Slime -  (a) Glass Slime (b) Fluffy Slime (c) Flubber (d) Monster Slime(e) Blood Slime (f) Fart Slime (g) Galaxy Slime (h) Glow in the dark Slime (i) Liquid Gold Slime(j) Bag of Fish SlimeLevel 2 Slime - (a) Avalanche Slime (b) Bubble Gum Slime (c) Butter Slime (d) Cloud Slime (e) Color Changing Slime (f) Floam Slime (g) Iceberg Slime (h) Magnet Slime (i) Sand Slime (j) Slime Bouncy Ball (h) Slushee SlimeEdible Slime - (a) Jello Slime (b) Nutella Slime (c) Laffy Taffy Slime

In addition to this I would be also sharing additional recipes and updates with you.

So, come and enjoy fun filled and colorful times with your kid!


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