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Lee and his Giant Ear

by Leela Hope

Publisher - PublishDrive

Category - Teen Novel

Join Lee a little boy who needs to learn how to get clean.

Do your kids hate to take a bath?

Do your kids like to play in the mud?

“Lee doesn’t Like Soap” tells the story of a very stubborn boy who learns the hard way that baths are very important. Lee is a little boy who loves to play in the mud and get dirty, but Lee does not like to get clean. He and all of the townspeople are forced to deal with the consequences of Lee’s actions when he refuses to wash up. Lee learns that a bath is an important part of growing up healthy and strong. He promises the doctor that he will always use soap from now on. The story provides a good way for parents and children to talk about the importance of good hygiene, and could also be a good tool for public health professionals. It is a great story for bedtime and can be read to the whole family. A terrific choice for early readers!

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