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Comic Books For Kids – Issue #7: Play, Explore And Learn

by ALFA and Friends


Category - Children


A 29 pages of full coloured STEM based comics

FREE two ALFA and Friends animation videos

Content tailored for 4 to 9 years old

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━━━ About the Product ━━━

The Spark Comic Magazine offers children an equally engaging form of entertainment as those pesky video games do - plus, these comic magazines are educational too!


Designed to make STEM learning an ever-present part of childhood, Spark comic magazines feature an array of scientific learning resources including:

2 ALFA and Friends stories

2 ALFA and Friends animation videos

DIY science experiment

3 Activities & Games

and many more!



━━━ In this issue ━━━

+ Dive further into science with Alfa and friends!

+ Float with them in the dead sea and nurture yourself to share with others!


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