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by Krishnamoorthy Muthaly

Publisher - krishnamoorthy muthaly

Category - General Academics

This book is unprecedented; it is a bold and laudable initiative to present insights and lessons shared by Malaysian health experts, as well as to highlight the plight of ordinary people, especially the victims of COVID-19. These are poignant reminders that we can glean from best practices in healthcare management.


More than 30,000 died in Malaysia. Total number of Covid-19 cases is estimated at 3 million.


In his clear, crisp and concise journalistic style, the author tells the story as it is, or in the author’s words, “documenting news, comments and stories as events unfold for the record”.

The exceptional collection of stories resonates with the voices of the silent majority, particularly the dying. With his compelling storytelling skills, Krishna takes us on a sobering journey to the man who breathed his last without the comfort of his family, the mother who gave birth but could never cuddle her baby, frontliners who work day and night without seeing their own families, undertakers who are beyond tears and pain, as they bury one body after another, and many others who are still mourning over the loss of their loved ones.


“This is Malaysia’s first e-book on Covid-19, IF THE DYING COULD SPEAK, dedicated to the survivors, the dying and the dead.” Bitbooks


“Through 33 personal anecdotal chapters along with news articles, commentaries, and insights, the author shows how Malaysians psyche changed during the pandemic and certainly a fresh narrative of people caught in a historic crisis and is set to prick emotions.” Bernama


“The e-book was authored by veteran journalist cum Associate Professor M.Krishnamoorthy in a hope that it will help decision-makers to learn from health experts on innovative and viable healthcare strategies.” The Sun Daily


“The book describes scenes of the appreciation for frontliners who worked beyond 24 hours in the hour of the nation’s need.” The Edgemarkets


“The cover of the book depicts the sign of 'love' using the Malaysian flag, with the subtitle '30, 000 Deaths & 3 Million Covid Cases: Lessons to be Learned.” Sinar Harian

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