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School of Thieves

by Sabrina Ismail

Publisher - PTS Publications

Category - Children

Amra DeSilva left school when she was young and became the sole bread winner of her family. When life hits her hard, she has no choice but to do dirty thief work in order to make ends meet. One day, a new family moves into town. It’s her father, who had long abandoned Amra and her family. Out of hatred, Amra plans to rob her rich father’s house but gets caught red-handed.

However, it wasn’t a policeman that caught her. In fact, she won’t be facing any punishment at all. Instead, she gets recruited into the School of Thieves, a place where her criminal skills get polished and she is transformed into a criminal mastermind.


But how long will she be there for? What will happen to Amra’s poor family? And will she ever get her revenge?

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