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Mrs Mismarriage

by Noelle Chua

Publisher - Marshall Cavendish Editions

Category - Chick-Lit

Harvard literature scholar Audrey Lee's perfect life loses the plot when her brand new boyfriend, the dapper MBA Paul Chang, gets down on one knee and of all the silly and ridiculous things, proposes marriage! Suddenly Audrey is fairy-tale trapped and wed-locked into a life she never wanted, that of an expat wife and home-maker in her hometown Singapore. And that's when a number of attractive men pop up all interested in her, enough to make Audrey feel she may indeed be the Singaporean Madame Bovary or Lady Chatterley. With Paul too absorbed in his career to care plus a few mishaps making marital mayhem, Mrs Mis-Marriage is starting to feel that perhaps she is destined to live …unhappily ever after…

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