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Fats that Heal & Fats that Kill

by Dr Udo Erasmus

Publisher - Oak Publication Sdn Bhd

Category - General Academics

To know how fat affects our health, we must embrace two opposite stories. Most people know only the negative half of the story. The gist of the story is that fats are bad as we often associate it with heart disease, cancer, hardening of the arteries and ugly body flab. Hence the popularity of the low and no fat craze. The reality is, used over a long time, a no fat diet can make you ill. It can set up for cardiac arrest, stunt growth in children, and harm the liver, brain, immune system, glands and organ function. This book unravels at length some truth about how fats and oils have an effect on our health such as: •           Fats do not make us fat •           There are fats that heal and fats that kill (avoid) •           We need the right fat, not a no fat, high fat or fake fat diet •           Manufacturing processes turn healing fats into fats that kill. The most unhealthy fats are found in margarine, shortening and heated or fried fats. This book explains in simple terms how to distinguish between fats you should avoid and to take fats and oils that heal. Your health depends greatly on you choosing the right fats.

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